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I’m trying to find my way around it LOL this is where I fail¬† until I don’t ūüėČ and my Daughter is sick¬† so this will be short


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So u think u can do better

it has come to my attention that someone I work with thinks she knows it all …. so much in fact she had a conversation with another coworker in a public place (my daughters work)¬† about how I can’t do my job, I don’t know how to cook , she is suprized I haven’t been fired and she can do my job better ¬† ok if that is the case why have I been there 9 frecking yrs to her 1 and I’m full time to her part time /sub and to top all this off my Daughter was standing in ear shot and heard all of this ..now u can say what u want about me ,u can say I’m the biggest bitch¬† and u can say all the things she said but to do so in front of my kid is a big NO the Freck way, My kid was in tears¬† and she wanted to say something but couldn’t cause she wanted to keep her job so my thought is this if u going to talk about someone be careful where U are U have no idea who maybe listening


As the first Snow come down ,I can see the beauty of it usually I think of messy roads and winy kids about schools ,But as I walk in the woods this morning I can hear how peaceful and beautiful it is  I sit on my Bucket waiting for a deer to come into my sight the sounds are more clear and crisp I find my mind wondering to a different time ,and thinking maybe Mountains are a place I want to be

How I’m Feeling

My thoughts are all over the place 1 .my Best Friend¬† (husband )can’t even stand to listen to me , so I’m going to put it all here ,¬†¬† 2.My son is gone, He has gone to Africa and I don’t even know where ,¬† I have never been separated¬† this long from him with out a word,¬† 3 months that is 90 days, I have no idea if he has landed there ok and I will have no idea if he is healthy¬† ….I’m scared¬† out of my ever loving mind at this ¬† I have been told to have faith …He will be ok ,….First don’t tell me to have faith …you can , Don’t say it is in Gods hands, God Helps those who help themselves¬† Don’t tell me he will be ok¬† Unless you can see the future or have a direct line to God¬† You don’t know …. No one , Unless you are going tho the¬† same thing you have no idea what I’m going Tho¬† ..I don’t mean to be rude to anyone¬† But this is a Mothers FEAR ..I do not want a pat on the head ,¬† Hugs¬† and a ear is all I need, if you can’t do these then just don’t bother¬† If you take offense to this¬† I won’t care, there is only one person that can put my fears away¬†¬† so until I hear Mom I’m ok¬† I will have Mood swings ,I will Cry ,if you don’t want to see it or can’t deal with it don’t come near me¬† or talk to me Cause I’m liable to say anything, This is my Son ..I almost lost him once as it was I lost his twin, I begged God not to take Cole too¬† so Believe me I beg God everyday¬† …I will tell you I believe in my Son and his common sense¬† ,I believe in some of his battle buddies ( not all) , I believe his Sgt’s will do their best ,¬†¬† I Don’t believe in our Governments handling of this situation, So I have fears …so deal or unfriend


I have come to a conclusion today …I’m at my midlife and what have I done ??? Married 2 times raised 5 kids,¬† I want to do something ,go somewhere I have never been¬† ,revisit a idea ,but the steps to these ideas are slow in the making ..Cause I have to be the adult ..sigh the only one working, paying the bills,ECT..Am I going to survive this ….time will tell


What can I say …people wake the fuck up yes there are virus out there that can and will kill you¬† if you don’t educate yourself¬† READ!!! and READ some more , I get told well the Flu kills and HIV kills¬† but guess what there are hundreds of Flu bugs and you can only get HIV tho blood and sex,sharing needles¬† not from hugs or sitting next to someone and this other bug out EV-D68¬† I’m still reading about ,But I am preparing for just in-case ,No I don’t have all the answers but sticking my head in the sand is not one of them